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WTCF and Chinese Friendly Co-hosts “One Belt One Road Event: First Pan-Asian Conference on Chinese Tourism” in Astana

Excellent chronicle from ourt partner WTCF about the last event about Silk Road and Chinese Tourism, where Silk Road Grand Award Association were participant and coordinator: One Belt One Road event.

On June 24th, 2017, the “One Belt One Road Event: First Pan-Asian Conference on Chinese Tourism” was held in Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan. The conference was hosted by Astana Convention Bureau LLP, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), Kazakhstan Tourism Association, Kazakhstan Association of Hotels & Restaurants, Committee of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Chinese Friendly. Also, the event was supported by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Municipal Government of Astana, EXPO 2017 Astana. More than 200 tourism experts, institutions and international organizations, representatives from Spain, Italy, Iran, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan participated in the conference. To promote market exchange and cooperation in countries along the “Silk Road,” the participants discussed topics including promoting tourism cooperation and improving tourism service during the conference.

As the co-organizer, Yan Han, Deputy Secretary-General of WTCF, brought greetings on behalf of WTCF and delivered the first themed speech. Mr. Yan Han introduced the history and current situation of WTCF. He also analyzed the Chinese outbound tourism market while referencing the report released by WTCF: Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist (City) Consumption. The research data provided by the report gave an insight into the changes of Chinese outbound tourism patterns and current status and explained the features, habits, and preferences of Chinese tourists. In addition, Mr. Yan Han analyzed the advantages and trends of the tourism development between China and Kazakhstan. He appealed for the joint efforts of all the countries along the Silk Road to construct the tourism corridor and build the tourism node cities. Mr. Yan also encouraged participants take the opportunity of “The Belt and Road Initiative” to promote the diversity of tourism products, simplify the visa process, enhance the connections of the people from Silk Road countries and realize the mutual trust and mutual benefit.

At the conference titled “Being competitive in Chinese Travel Industry,” Mr. Richard Matuzevich, Senior Manager, Secretariat of WTCF, who is responsible for the liaison work of Europe and Africa, delivered a speech themed “Alliances and Partners, constructing a new belt: Silk Road Cities” in Russian. Representatives of the tourism industry from many countries along the One Belt One Road route said they hoped to join WTCF, and jointly boost the development of the China – Kazakhstan tourism industry.

Mukhamediuly , Minister of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, UNESCO representative José María, Ravshan Usmanov, Deputy President of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development, and other representatives all spoke at the conference. Minister Mukhamediuly welcomed the opening of the forum, carefully listened to what the honored guests said, and introduced the “Kazakhstan – China Tourism Year” plan. The plan promises to actively promote visa facilitation and other initiatives, so that Kazakhstan’s tourism brand development strategy can be practically and effectively promoted in the Chinese market.

Deputy Secretary-General Yan Han was also interviewed by the national TV station of Kazakhstan, KA3AKCTAH and other Kazakhstan media. He introduced the current development status of WTCF, and was also invited to analyze the advantages and direction of connection and cooperation between the countries along the One Belt One Road route and China’s tourism market.