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New partners are welcome at Silk Road Great Award Association

During our recent trip to China we had the opportunity to meet again our partners and friends in China. The relationship is growing and we are very grateful for the cooperation and joint efforts we are making and we value them greatly. They have reiterated their clear support and collaboration to the Association. We all must work in that direction, by setting up a close cooperation between us and making progress on specific content.

Let’s know our collaborators:

WTCF: World Tourism Cities Federation is an international tourism organization formed by well-known tourism cities and tourism-related institutions around the world under the initiative of Beijing. WTCF has its headquarters and secretariat based in Beijing. Currently has 181 members, including 120 city members and 61 institutional members

SRCIC: The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce is an international, non-governmental organisation, aiming to promote the renaissance of Silk Road and to enable business participation in the investment and trade opportunities it offers.

CAS-TWAS: Center of Excellence for Biotechnology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS. It a very prestigious institution and leading organisation in the international scientific field. Some of its activities are related to the One Belt One Road initiative. They have introduced us to the Chinese Academy of Science CAS officials to establish lines of cooperation.

China Nationality Culture Foundation: under the Chinese Ministry of Culture this institution shows also great interest in all Silk Road initiatives. Especially about our Association.

As you can see Silk Road Great Award Association is growing in the right direction. Soon, our efforts will be reflected in the development of new interesting projects to join. Meanwhile, let’s keep our dreams and thoughts focused on Silk Road.