Each year the Awards Ceremony will be held in a different host city. The Awards Ceremony will be considered alongside the Silk Road countries one of the most important cultural and social events on the international calendar.


A strong ambition is needed for this outstanding  and big project.

To provide the bridge for cultural exchange and appreciation between Eastern, Central Asia and Western cultures. Consolidate the existing links and peaceful coexistence among those countries.

The Association´s Awards are granted in eight categories:

  • Arts and Literature
  • Social Sciences
  • Technical and Scientific Research
  • International Cooperation
  • Concord, Sports
  • Tourism
  • Lifetime achievement.


Prestigious institutions within our Advisory Board and the Foundation’s network will evaluate and prepare reports with profoundly cultural content about the about the awarded historical figures.


Countries within our Advisory Board and Foundation board members will be directly involve in this cultural production; information dissemination; publication; research, etc.


Countries representing all Silk Road Regions may attend this event.




International Diffusion

Influence and umbrella for the Media on three continents and 34 countries.


The event provides a direct and powerful means of promoting international communication, knowledge sharing and networking.

Recognized Prestige

Our Advisory Board is comprised of partnerships with Universities, foundations and public/private-sector institutions representing all Silk Road regions.

Sharing positive values

The participants to this exceptional event will be associated with the scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of the universal heritage of the Silk Road as a tool for positive change.

Top Silk Road destination

The Awards Ceremony will be held in one of the major cities along the ancient Silk Road.