About Us

It is by working together that we will build the new invisible Silk Road. The Silk Road Grand Award Association is an independent non profit organization based in Spain. We believe the values that form part of the universal heritage of the Silk Road are a great tool for positive change.

The Silk Road Awards, aimed at rewarding the scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work carried out by individuals or institutions, at the great area of the Silk Road in particular and internationally in general.

A strong vision

Meanwhile the New Silkroad projects or the OBOR concept focus on the hard factors of the evolution of that huge common Silk Road Area, the Silk Road Grand Award Association considers the soft factors as key elements that make human evolution possible and stable: hunger of knowledge, desire of understanding , pushing curiosity, living solidarity, wishing to share, burning dreams and the need to love.

Our work and awards are determined to complete the efforts that are done in the western and eastern extremes of the Silkroad, in Inner Asia, and border countries of the maritime Silkroad.

We invite you therefore, to take part in the fascinating and unique adventure of constructing this new invisible Silk Road. Share the vision!

Dr. Kurt Grötsch, President
Santiago Melara, Executive Director

Cultural exchange

To provide the bridge for cultural exchange and appreciation between Eastern, Central Asia and Western cultures

Peaceful coexistence

Consolidate the existing links and peaceful coexistence among those countries which shape the great area of the Silk Road

Scientific, cultural and humanistic values

It is important to reward and promote the scientific, cultural and humanistic values as a tool for positive change

Social responsability

Foundation support projects that focus on improving issues such as lack of education, racial and social integration

Environmental awareness

Aim at linking economic growth to sustainable human development and environmental awareness